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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More on the need for pro-life unity

I attended the 40th anniversary for Roe v. Wade vigil at the corner of Grape and Harbor again this year. There weren’t quite as many people as there have been the past few years, possibly because there was a Walk for Life a few days earlier, which I unfortunately didn’t feel I could attend. As usual, people driving by honked, in some cases as a show of support, others as hostility. We had a few people screaming “pro-choice” and from one car they shouted obscenities.

This makes it all the more reprehensible when pro-lifers belittle one of their own, but this has happened, and both liberal and conservative pro-lifers are guilty of this.

In an earlier post I mentioned having run into a couple of friends, Sue and Tim House. They were at this rally, and I thought I saw someone else there, someone who treated me rather badly many years ago. (at the time, it didn't help that I'd just read literature that the Pill might be abortive.)  There were others like her, and I eventually left pro-life for a few years because of people like that. For better or worse during my absence the movement became much more reactionary.