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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some news items

Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sibelius had nixed an effort by the Food and Drug Administration to make Plan B available to girls of any age, and the Associated Press reports that President Obama has supported his secretary's decision.  Whatever we may think of Sibelius or Obama, this was definitely the right thing to do. If Plan B were available on the shelf, all sexually active teens would have to do to avoid talking to their doctor would be to buy Plan B on a regular basis.  If there's cause for concern on the health risks of prescription birth control, what would routine use of Plan B do? 

Speaking of Planned Parenthood, seven of its former employees have accused the abortion giant of misuse of government funds and failing to act on instances where statutory rape or coercion was suspected. 

In other news, a 19-year-old Houston man who wanted his pregnant girlfriend to have an abortion has been charged in her death

A lawsuit filed by some nurses over being forced to assist in abortions is headed back to court earlier than expected.


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