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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today's Life-walk, plus a few news items.

I attended the 2011 Life Walk at De Anza Cove earlier today.  Most of the top people from Life Perspectives were there, along with a couple musical bands and a few members of Knights of Columbus.   I would estimate there were a total of two or three hundred people for the 5km walk, or 3 ½ miles.  They gave me some books and other literature which I will probably try to share with the El Cajon Pregnancy Care Clinic the next time I see them; don't know whether they have them already.  Later that day I went to see if there was anyone from 40 Days for Life at the El Cajon and Miramar clinics, but didn't see anyone.

I'm not sure I'l be attending the 40 Days for Life Closing vigil because of what happened here

Some news items:

Former clinic director Abby Johnson has written an editorial in Life News supporting efforts by Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Lifesitenews reports on a couple with triplets, who resisted pressure for pregnancy reduction.

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